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About the pilot

The GÉANT pilot on F-TICKS is running since 2018, joined by a number of eduGAIN federations.The pilot is structured as follows:

TODO figure on current architecture

The pilot builds on the specification of the Federated Ticker System (F-TICKS) format from L. Johansson and S. Winter [reference] which was primarily designed to fulfill the need to collect usage information for the eduroam service. F-TICKS utilises the standard syslog service [RFC5424] enabling an actor in an AAI process to send a log entry (tick) in a specific format to a collector.

F-TICKS (syslog messages) are gathered from eduGAIN IdPs.The pilot’s architecture is composed out of a central collector as well as multiple national F-TICKS aggregators. The central collector is provided by GÉANT (project). If you want to provide a national F-TICKS aggregator as a federation, please click here. It can be piloted in both Full Mesh and Hub & Spoke ferdations. The pilot is user privacy preserving, no personal sensitive data of users will be shared. An ELK plugin is used to store results in ElasticSearch and visualize authentication statistics via dedicated Kibana views.