About the pilot

This pilot service builds on an adaptation of the Federated Ticker System (F-ticks) format proposed by L. Johansson and S. Winter [draft-johansson-fticks-00] which was primarily designed to collect usage information about the eduroam service. F-ticks utilises the standard syslog service [RFC5424] enabling an actor in an AA process to send a log entry (F-tick) in a specific format to a collector.

The eduGAIN F-ticks message format is the following:


Properly formed message must contain all values.

F-ticks (syslog messages) are gathered prefferably via federation F-ticks aggregators or, in cases when they are not available, directly from the IdPs published to eduGAIN.

The central collector is provided by the eduGAIN F-ticks team, working within eduGAIN OT. An ELK plugin is used to store results in ElasticSearch and visualize authentication statistics via dedicated Kibana views.

If you want to join this pilot service please read: