Join as identity provider

We strongly encourage IdPs to join this (pilot) service via their federation operators and send F-ticks via federation F-ticks aggregators.

If a federation operator has no resources or interest to participate in the (pilot) service by setting up a federation F-ticks aggregtor, IdPs from the respective federation can join individually but only with the consent of their federation operator.

In order to directly join eduGAIN F-ticks pilot service an IdP has to:

  • Send F-ticks to eduGAIN F-ticks collector
  • Provide appropriate information to the eduGAIN F-ticks team (send e-mail to

An IdP has to be set-up to send F-ticks to the eduGAIN F-ticks collector in the right format and to the right address (, port: 514).

We offer information for set-up of Shibbloleth (IdP v.3+) and SimpleSAMLphp IdP (see Identity provider configuration).

Once the IdP is properly set-up the IdP contact published in eduGAIN metadata, needs to send a digitally signed e-mail to, with the following information:

  • federation's name
  • IdP's entityID
  • IP address of the hosts that sends out the F-ticks