Join as federation

In order to join eduGAIN F-ticks pilot service federations have to:

  • Set-up federation F-ticks aggregator
  • Provide information about the aggregator to the eduGAIN F-ticks team (send e-mail to

Federation operators can choose their preferred way to implement federation F-ticks aggregator. eduGAIN F-ticks team has prepared an ELK-based solution for federation F-ticks aggregator (see Federation aggregator deployment).

Federation F-ticks aggregator needs to send F-ticks to the eduGAIN F-ticks collector in the right format and to the right address (, port: 514). It is recommended that F-ticks federation aggregator sends F-ticks from IdPs published to eduGAIN. However, an IdP keeps the right to opt-out from this (pilot) service.

Once the federation F-ticks aggregator is in place, federation operator’s eduGAIN representative needs to send a digitally signed e-mail to, with the following information:

  • federation's name
  • IP address of the federation's F-ticks aggregtor (the host that sends out the ticks)

In order to provide instructions to their IdPs, federation operators can use configuration pointers for IdPs prepared by the eduGAIN F-ticks team.