F-ticks statistics (pilot) - beta

Join as federation provider

In order to join eduGAIN F-ticks pilot service federations have to:

  • set-up federation F-ticks aggregator
  • provide information about the aggregator to the eduGAIN F-ticks team

There are many technical deployments of federation F-ticks agregator functionality and federations are free to choose the one that fits their needs as log as it sends ticks to the central eduGAIN collector in the right format and to the right address (IP:, port: 514).

We offer ELK-based solution for federation F-ticks aggregator (see National aggregator deployment).

We expect federation will aggregate and sent to the central eduGAIN collector the F-ticks from all of it's IdPs registered in eduGAIN. Still an IdP has a right to opt-out from this (pilot) service.

Once the federation F-ticks aggregator is in place federation operator has to provide appropriate information to the eduGAIN F-ticks team by sending e-mail to f-ticks@edugain.org. This e-mail must be sent and digitally signed by the federation's eduGAIN representative and it should contain:

  • federation's name
  • IP address of the federation's F-ticks aggregtor (the hosts that sends out the ticks)
  • list of attributes used in federation's F-ticks